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Executive - Manufacturing

Địa điểm làm việc:

Ambasamudram, Tamil Nadu, India

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Bộ phận:

Production & Manufacturing

Job Specification:

  • Education: BE (Textile)
  • Experience: 2 to 4 Yrs.
  • 0 to12 months working in shop-floor .
  • Proficient in use of CF2000E Feedback.
  • Proficient in use of CF2000E software.
  • Proficient in SAP module
  • Team management experience
  • Candidate should know to read, write and speak in Tamil

Knowledge and Understanding of:

  • Colour Physics Level 3
  • SAP related jobs required for monitoring YPDR, YFLT, lot history etc
  • Different types of threads
  • SOPs
  • Dyeing variables and their impact on dye house performance
  • Health and Safety SOP and PPE requirements for different chemicals and lab equipment
  • 5S Housekeeping principles

Job Purpose

The position is to support bulk production through the effective management and coordination of all Throughput orders and to ensure efficient servicing of all logistic requirement , ensuring high quality matches , with out any customer complaints with in agreed service lead times and to Coats technical standards in line with KPIs. Ensure the targeted productivity / LpMpD / Effy by completing lots within the standard cycle time , ensure Safety and targeted technical performance like RFT & Color Qlty , and service requirement MLT.

Key Performance Indicators
  • Ensure optimal allocation of trained resources with in the shop-floor to achieve service lead times and KPI targets.
  • Ensure optimal resourcing and utilization of all throughput order functionality in order to effectively manage the department and to ensure that all lots are produced within shade tolerance and within service lead times.
  • Develop and maintain all department SOPs and ensure all operations fully comply with SOPs.
  • Streamline operations by constantly monitoring work practices, work flows and processes and take remedial action to streamline operations as necessary.
  • Continually drive productivity and efficiency improvement in all facets of operations as measured by all key performance indicators such as RFT , Color Quality , LpMpD , throughput , MLT through careful review and analysis of these performance indicators.
  • Ensure the released orders should be delivered within 48 hrs with in the color tolerance and with out any customer complaints.
  • Should know about the global program numbers and its details .
  • Check the program nos of each machine and ensure it is in line with Global norms.
  • Monitor, analyze and report all KPIs of bulk dye lots and to ensure that the highest levels of reproducibility are maintained.
  • Control the absenteeism and make alternative arrangements for the smooth running of Dept.
  • In conjunction with Quality Department, receive and investigate all customer shade complaints and recommend/take corrective action as appropriate.
  • Take corrective actions with Engineering for any machinery problems.
  • Continually promote the principles of 5S housekeeping and maintain a target of 95% score .