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Manufacturing Executive / Quality

Địa điểm làm việc:

Ambasamudram, Tamil Nadu, India

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Job Purpose
Incoming grey thread inspection, both physical and visual and clearing the lots. COC reports to the depots. Carry out all the controlled trials & New Sample developments. To send the summary of QAD monthly test reports and the quality examination

Principal Accountabilities
1. Receipt of the grey thread IL reports and material for testing
2. Carry out the testing as per the SOP and confirm the pass/fail in SAP system
3. Prepare the COC and test reports and send to the depot then and there as per the requirement
4. Examination of the random sampling and highlighting the major faults to the concerned manufacturing unit
5. Consolidate the daily test report and send the monthly report
6. All the controlled trail to be conducted with proper follow up in all the process
7. All the FG of the controlled trial to be tested and the test reports to be circulated
8. Authority for TUC clearance in Industrial segment