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Sales Officer

Địa điểm làm việc:

Andhra Pradesh, India

Mã số công việc:


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Bộ phận:

Job Description :

1.Secondary sales
  • Indirect visitation for order booking as per permanent journey plan (PJP)

  • Making designated number of calls as per PJP

  • Increasing the range of products sold to indirect.

  • Conveying the order from indirect to concerned direct.

  • Rural distribution – participate in ready stock retailing programs like VRP to enhance coverage in small towns/outlets.


2. Demand generation
  • Tailor canvassing to promote new and premium products

  • Making designed number of calls per day on above as per PJP

  • Carry stocks of products that are to be promoted

  • Influence tailors to start using products under promotion. Close the call with sale of respective product

  • Ensuring visibility of products & POP’s


3. Preparing and sending reports in timely manner
  • Daily reports

  • VRP Reports