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Talent Acquisition and Training & Development Generalist

Opportunity: Talent Acquisition and Training & Development Generalist

Location: Bursa, Turkey

Role Purpose:

Responsible for the processes of selection & placement, communication, social responsibility agendas, instant award recognition, controlling the training & development activities. In addition you shall be providing employee training, keeping records, and carrying out all procedures about employee training services and Employer Brand Management in accordance with the legal requirements and the company's human resources policy.

Key Accountabilities:

Selection and Placement

  • Receiving job applications, performing required competency tests, interpreting the results.
  • Selecting the candidates to be invited to job interview, organizing the job interview. Giving feedback to all candidates attending the interview on behalf of the company.
  • Following, updating and closing online job postings.
  • Checking candidate references.
  • Carrying out an assessment for candidates if necessary.
  • Making a job offer to selected candidates and following up.
  • Making sure that the prospective employees prepare the required legal and health-related documents.
  • Requesting and filing performance evaluation reports at the end of the trial period of employees.
  • Making email, technological equipment and program requests via Global IT in white collar recruitments.
  • Preparing master personal files based on the recruitments within the month.
  • Registering employees in the systems. (SAP and POLDY)
  • Creating necessary personal files after registration in the systems.
  • Preparing legal notices and reports for Employment Agency.
  • Making identity notices of new employees on the Police web portal.
  • Reporting new recruitments to the Ministry of Labor on a monthly basis.
  • Providing the necessary data for the preparation of HR KPI metrics.
  • Preparing turn-over reports.
  • Preparing the Target Reports.
  • Making exit interviews.
  • Performing onboarding activities.
  • Supporting activities included in the training and communication agenda.
  • Giving ethics trainings to all employees every year.


  • Preparing necessary emails for the communication platforms, constantly updating them and following the actions.
  • Determining the Change Management operations, implementing and following them.
  • Monthly follow-up, filing, recording and reporting of contact records.

Recognition and Reward

  • Making and following the Instant Award Recognition organizations during the year according to the demand from departments within the budget limit determined per department.
  • Supporting the Training and Development Manager in managing the existing Recognition and Reward processes.

Social Responsibility Agendas

  • Carrying out all operations of annual Social Responsibility Agendas within the specified dates and within the budget.
  • Informing all COATS Turkey employees about the Social Responsibility Agendas.
  • Informing the relevant areas in COATS global about the Social Responsibility operations that have been carried out.
  • Preparing and publishing necessary banners related to Social Responsibility projects.

On-the-job training

  • Preparing and updating on-the-job orientation trainings and controlling training records.
  • Organizing and recording the sub-contractors’ on-the-job OHS trainings.
  • Sharing Personnel Training Follow-Up Form with employees and recording the forms.

Training Activities

  • Determining the educational needs and taking part in the creation of training plan and training budget.
  • Coordinating in-house teachers, providing documentation and formation support.
  • Setting up the training room and making all necessary preparations before training organizations.
  • Monthly follow-up, filing of training records and recording in the POLDY program
  • Preparing the monthly training report and sharing it with related people.
  • Processing the target and realized records of trainings monthly in the relevant Management Systems files.
  • Preparing the weekly training schedule and sharing it with related units.
  • Making training organizations according to the training needs of departments.
  • Carrying out the necessary procedures for the payment of training bills.

Development Activities

  • Taking active role in all development projects of HR functions.

Recruitment / Employment

  • Supporting the Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand efforts.


  • Determining the Summer and Winter interns required by the company and carrying out legal procedures for them and supervising interns.

Employer Brand Management

  • Ensuring employee engagement by conducting necessary studies, following up to take necessary actions in problematic areas and informing necessary units.
  • Organizing communication platforms such as career days etc. in order to increase the recognition level of Coats among candidates, and actively participating in such platforms.

Occupational Health and Safety:

  • All employees at all levels are responsible for working in a manner that does not jeopardize the health and safety of themselves, other employees, visitors and public and for complying with the legal requirements and company procedures, systems and instructions in the areas of Occupational Health, Occupational Safety and Risk Management, and for cooperating with the company to do so.

Information Security:

  • All employees at all levels are responsible for working in a manner that will not cause Information Security vulnerabilities, acting according to employee non-disclosure contract rules, complying with the policies, procedures and instructions of the Information Security Management System and cooperating with the company.

Experience and Qualifications


  • University Graduate (Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences)
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in HR
  • Communication Skills
  • Results Orientation
  • Problem Solving Ability
  • Proactive Approach
  • Knowledge of English


  • SAP
  • Training of Trainers
  • Coaching Ability