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FEA Engineer

Địa điểm làm việc:

Bursa, Turkey

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Opportunity: FEA Engineer

Location: Bursa, Turkey

Role purpose:

Responsible for the designing of lattice structure, creation of fiber lay out and manufacturing of Lattice technologies activities related to composite business.

Key Accountabilities:

  • To liaise with the commercial team to understand customer needs and help /provide possible solutions and processes that will enable Coats to meet these needs.
  • To follow up Customer feedback and improve solutions, part & process
  • To make research for new Technologies for composite industries and implement proper processes into the Coats Capabilities
  • To manage and control Lattice production
  • To create process Key-characteristic to determine standard quality level for responsible processes
  • To make continues improvement on Lattice production line.
  • To create product/article BOM if there will be standard lattice structure
  • To make cost determination for lattice structure
  • To create alternative for cost reduction opportunities – minimizing waste, alternative raw material usage, improvement of machine efficiency etc..
  • To create guide of designing activities related to software, which used for lattice designing, manufacturing.
  • To determination of draping capability for Coats lattice materials
  • To coordinate Coats US for any subject related to Lattice technologies and scale up.
  • To creation of article code for commercial lattice structure.
  • Improvement of engineering software capabilities. (FEA – Design – Simulation etc..)
  • To follow up NSRR processes, sample shipment processes, customer requirement determination processes and joining the customer meetings
  • Health and Safety:
    • Have responsibility either directly or through appropriate managers, supervisors and team leaders that the operation/activities within their areas of responsibility are carried out in accordance with company/site policies and legislation or that any requirements are integrated into the work activities under their control.
  • Additionally:
    • Ensure adherence to globally specified product routings If any  & raw material specifications
    • Establish and Implement the best practice manufacturing structures & mechanisms
    • Ensure that quality standards are adhered to by all production processes
    • Ensure that all employees are trained for the requirements of the processes they are working in.
  • Implement Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Industrial Engineering techniques in the area of responsibility in order to increase productivity, improve quality and service, and decrease cost.
    • Ensure that the employees in the relevant processes are trained in LSS and IE methodology.
    • Ensure that the processes are set up in line with the LSS and IE methodology
    • Monitor the processes to ensure that Continuous Improvement in all KPIs are achieved.
  • Ensure that Health & Safety and Environmental standards are maintained 
    • Ensure that risk assessment of all processes within the area of responsibility are done and necessary instructions and protective equipment’s are determined for H&S and protection of environment.
    • Ensure that the employees are trained in working safely in their respective processes with due reference to risks involved and PPE required and environment friendly operation.
    •  Monitor the operations daily in order to ensure that the H&S and Environmental standards are maintained all the time.
  • Support Profitable Sales Growth in line with Global business strategy
    • Deliver the customers’ exact quality and quantity requirements at the right time with lowest cost.
    • Ensure that all company assets are used effectively and efficiently and the processes under the area of responsibility are capable of fulfilling the current and future requirements of the business in line with the strategy.
    • Build, develop, and sustain a culture for new product development and manufacturing technology breakthroughs
  • Lead and manage the employees within the area of responsibility in compliance with the Coats principles in order to achieve the business objectives set in the Plan and strategy. 
    • Ensure that there are sufficient number of employees at the respective processes and positions with the required qualifications to deliver the planned quality and volume.
    • Act as a role model for all employees by embodying the 3 goals&5 principles and ethical standards of Coats.
    • Ensure that legal as well as Coats’ standards are complied with in all aspects in all processes and by all employees.
    • Ensure that teamwork and an atmosphere contributing to increased employee engagement are maintained within the area of responsibility

Education, Qualifications and Experience:


  • University degree (Mechanical Engineering, Aeorespace Engineering or similar related areas)
  • Good knowledge of design studies
  • Knowlage of Autocad, Catia, Solidworks part designing software’s
  • Good knowledge of Specialty applications/technics
  • Good creativity and problem solving skills
  • Good communication skills inside the organization and with customers
  • Advanced level of English
  • Good Presentation technics
  • Ability to work as “a team”


  • 6S tools and expertise
  • MBA
  • Master degree on related engineering side
  • Experience in Composite part production / process development