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Twisting Line Manager

Opportunity: Twisting Line Manager

Location: Bursa, Turkey

Role Purpose:

To lead and manage manufacturing activities in Twisting Department in compliance with the highest HSE, quality and service standards and global best practices, with the best available efficiency of machinery, productivity of labour and continuous improvement of the key production performance indicators with engaged employees working as a team in line with the Coats’ 3 Goals & 5 Principles.

Key Accountabilities:

Implement Global SOPs

  • Monitor & align manufacturing processes in D&F with the global manufacturing standards
    • Ensure adherence to globally specified product routings & raw material specifications
    • Establish and Implement the best practice manufacturing structures & mechanisms
    • Ensure that quality standards are adhered to by all production processes
    • Ensure that all employees are trained for the requirements of the processes they are working in.

Improve Productivity, Quality and Service

  • Implement Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Industrial Engineering techniques in the area of responsibility in order to increase productivity, improve quality and service, and decrease cost.
    • Ensure that the employees in the relevant processes are trained in LSS and IE methodology.
    • Ensure that the processes are set up in line with the LSS and IE methodology
    • Monitor the processes to ensure that Continuous Improvement in all KPIs are achieved.
    • Deliver the customers’ exact quality and quantity requirements at the right time with lowest cost.
    • Ensure that all company assets are used effectively and efficiently and the processes under the area of responsibility are capable of fulfilling the current and future requirements of the business in line with the strategy.

Provide HSE Standards

  • Ensure that Health & Safety and Environmental standards are maintained 
    • Ensure that risk assessment of all processes within the area of responsibility are done and necessary instructions and protective equipments are determined for H&S and protection of environment.
    • Ensure that the employees are trained in working safely in their respective processes with due reference to risks involved and PPE required and environment friendly operation.
    • Monitor the operations in order to ensure that the H&S and Environmental standards are maintained all the time.


Right People in the Right Position, Build A Team and Develop People

  • Lead and manage the employees within the area of responsibility in compliance with the Coats principles in order to achieve the business objectives set in the Plan and strategy. 
    • Ensure that there are sufficient number of employees at the respective processes and positions with the required qualifications to deliver the planned quality and volume.
    • Act as a role model for all employees by embodying the 3 goals&5 principles and ethical standards of Coats.
    • Ensure that legal as well as Coats’ standards are complied with in all aspects in all processes and by all employees.
    • Ensure that teamwork and an atmosphere contributing to increased employee engagement are maintained within the area of responsibility.      
    • Use the disciplinary process when there is a clear need.

Education, Qualifications and Experience:


  • Degree in a Textile Engineering.
  • Minimum two (2) years’ related experience in textile
  • Strong manufacturing background, preferably in Spinning and Twisting.
  • Experienced in the implementation of Health & Safety and Environmental Standards in industry
  • Personal Capability
    • Technical and Professional Expertise
    • Solves Problems and Analyzes Issues
  • Focus on Results
    • Driver For Results
    • Establish Stretch Goals
    • Takes Initiatives
  • Interpersonal Skills
    • Communicates Powerfully and Builds Relationship
    • Collaboration and Teamwork.
    • Inspire, Motivated and Develop Others to Higher Performance
  • Leading Change
    • Develop Strategic Perspective
    • Champions Change
    • Connects to Group to the Outside.