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Data Management Specialist

Opportunity: Data Management Specialist

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Summary of role:
Responsible for the creation and maintenance of master data within the different softwares used in Crafts NA (including but not limited to PRMS, BOSS, APO, redheart.com, WM DS). This includes working with multiple stakeholders throughout the organization to ensure timely and correct specifications are provided by the respective data creators and owners

Key accountabilities:
  • Initially the job incumbent will take over the PA process from the Marketing product managers to gain full end-to-end understanding of current processes and systems.
  • The role will lead the redesign and automation of the full end-to-end PA process; and will be reporting into the Crafts NA Supply Chain function.
  • Ensure that all department areas involved in the PA process steps complete data filling requirements for master data creation & maintenance.
  • Gather all data needed for the Product Authorization across the different softwares from all relevant stakeholders, including product specs data, vendor information, initial forecasts and target ship dates.
  • Ensure timely creation of the Product Authorization forms, including management of updates / addendums and PA archive files. This includes the management of UPC data base that assigns UPC’s for all new SKUs.
  • Lead the review with all department areas involved in PA process including IT to ensure that PA templates contained all required data fields to sustain accurate data.
  • Develop and sustain PA formats that cover all repetitive business data requirements as automated as possible to reduce total creation/maintenance master data time.
  • Optimize and maximize the utilization of upload files for creation and maintenance of master data working hand in hand with IT.
  • Lead the master data scrub efforts to sustain master data accuracy, develop monthly reports and review process with all areas involved.
  • Ensure data synchronization and accuracy among different software used within Crafts NA business.
  • Lead the review and developing if needed, of process steps required to keep data synchronization.
Education, Qualifications and Experience:
  • Business/Systems Engineering degree
  • Planning and coordination skills
  • Excel/Access skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Team player
  • Strong project management skills