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Enterprise Systems Architect

Opportunity: Enterprise Systems Architect

Location: Shenzhen, China / Hong Kong 

Summary of role:
  • The Enterprise Systems Architect will significantly contribute to identifying best-fit architectural solutions for one or more projects; Design applications, provide regular support/guidance to project teams on complex coding, issue resolution and execution. 
  • Develop / modify and maintain the Enterprise systems landscape and architecture.
  • Ensure solutions being proposed leverage the existing systems functions and capabilities. 
  • Where applicable when new solutions are required, ensure they fit the existing architecture both functionally and technically. 
  • This is a key position within the Digital & Technology group and will work very closely with the Senior Leadership within the organization. 
  • Must have the ability understand business requirements and existing technology stack including core functions of the applications in order to provide guidance on best fit solutions for the business requirements. 
Key accountabilities:
  • Reviewing business requirements and providing direction on best fit application & solution 
  • Working with a small, empowered cross-functional team to review integration requirements & technology
  • Helping to define, maintain and improve our architecture and best practices
  • Providing support for other team members through code review, pairing and mentoring
  • Update and maintain current enterprise application architecture.
Education, Qualifications and Experience:
  • Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Cloud Technologies (eg AWS, AZURE), REST, JPA, Messaging (e.g. AMQP, Azure Message Bus)
  • Microservices, Docker
  • Working knowledge of ERP systems
  • Enterprise Application Integration Platforms
  • Real time integration technologies
  • Ability to document and review complex application landscapes both from a technology as well as functional perspectives.
  • Knowledge of the pros and cons of market leading and common integration platforms.
  • Ability to understand the functional relationships and data interaction between multiple applications within a medium size enterprise.
  • Experience in Mesosphere, DCOS or similar frameworks
  • Experience working in RDBMS and non-structured Document stores / name-value pair based DBs such as Cassandra, Mongo DB etc.
  • Experience using cloud based COTS tools for code development and operational maintenance
  • Experience with event driven architectures
  • Advantageous: JavaScript frameworks
  • Keen software engineering approach and very good object-oriented design ability
  • Desire to work closely with the business, learn new things and teach others
  • Champion of modern development practices and tools, eg Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Source Control with Git, BDD with Cucumber etc.
  • Previous e-commerce experience would also be beneficial
  • Website and user experience design awareness would be an advantage
  • Moderate knowledge on network architectures required for support and trouble shooting.
  • Moderate knowledge of IT security standards.
  • You’ll need a technical background, with a strong Computer Science, Software Engineering or similar degree.
  • Prior experience in similar positions. Experience as senior solutions architects or consultants is applicable.