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ISDS Engineer

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Availability of high quality data is a key ingredient for business processes to run efficiently.  If data is of poor quality, it limits the business’ ability to integrate systems, processes, get any meaningful management information that can be acted upon, and disrupts various business processes.


Implement data transformation and data quality management techniques to discover the quality of data across source systems. Various complex data is blended to create the data lake, transformed with various levels of aggregation to build a persistent data layer to deliver insights and MIR.  Global data quality scorecard is build to monitor the health of our data quality which is a key enabler of our journey to digital age. Provide the lineage of our data and maintain data catalogue to respond quickly to data science and    using data quality rules.   data services information steward to monitor the quality of the data, data lineage and govern meta data.


As the ISDS Engineer, you will support to translate Integration Control Document (ICD) to integration and Data architecture specification, configure SLT, build ETL using Java, SQL or ABAP workflows,  setup sync and async jobs to deliver boundary less information flow 

Principal Accountabilities and Key Activities

·                    Design the target data source based on current and future requirement including data science

·                    Implement the LDM (logical data model) into DS target data source with the required logics and indexes

·                    Responsible for designing the core data architecture model (CDAM) including logical and physical models using latest technologies.

·                    Build data flow jobs for various data source using Java, SQL or ABAP

·                   Monitor proactively Production jobs and to provide quick resolutions for productions issues.

·                   Work on Information Steward to profile data, maintain data catalogue, data lineage and maintaining the data quality dashboards 

·                   Security and Role setup of the data lake

·                   Review of new requirement, convert ICD to IDAS and IDAS to technical specification

·                   Supervising Go-Live cut over activities for Data Loads and issues escalations for resolution 

·                   Worked on Master Data Governance (MDM) 

·                   Maintain development standards for ISDS

Measures of success

·            Availability of data in the right format for consuming on demand

·            Health of the target data source and data lake  platform

·            Effectiveness of the data catalogue  

·            Quality of meta data

·            Control on logical and physical data model

·            Smooth function of data capturing & storage process

·            Complete visibility of data lineage and data DNA

Level of decision-making authority

·      Regularly expose data governance metrics via standard reporting mechanisms (for example, data quality scorecard or dashboard).

·      Develop data quality methodologies to execute data quality improvement projects.

·      Actively participate in the design and deployment of applications and data integration processes to ensure standards and controls, to ensure high-quality data is implemented in adherence with data governance policies

·      Coordinate with external service provides and take necessary actions to deliver programs and projects on time and budget

Education, Qualifications and Experience

·     Degree in information technology, management or supply chain

·     5+ years of experience in performing ETL, data quality management, system integration, and implementing data warehouse using SAP DS.

·     Experience on Data Services Management Console for Monitoring, Execution and Scheduling BODS jobs

·     Working experience on creation of Jobs, Work Flows, Data Flows, and using various transformations in BODS, Open SQL , writing scripts in Java and using BODS built-in functions,