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Plant Manager - Kings Mountain

Địa điểm làm việc:

Kings Mountain, North Carolina, United States

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Production & Manufacturing

Opportunity: Plant Manager – Kings Mountain

Location: Kings Mountain, North Carolina

Role Purpose:

Duties of Plant Mgr will encompass the day-to- day operation of the Railroad facility in Kings Mountain.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Smooth production of material through the facilities
  • Work closely with scheduling and R&D requirements for harmonious day-to-day flow through manufacturing
  • Chair the morning/ weekly meetings with required associates to review production/ quality issues/ required maintenance
  • Coordinate with Customer Service to insure setup sheets are correct and everyone is alerted of past issues and review manufacturing procedures.
  • Trouble shooting quality issues and developing procedures to address root cause to eliminate them from reoccurring.
  • Overseeing ramp-up of new production
  • As equipment and new technology comes on line, ensuring all supervisors and employees know safety, quality and maintenance procedures
  • As equipment and new technology comes on line, ensure all employees know and understand technology.
  • Overseeing Safety
  • Chair scheduled supervisor meetings with prepared agenda
  • Ensure supervisors have all employees properly trained and know operating and safety procedures
  • Ensure job descriptions and procedures are current and up to date
  • Keep all safety reports, supplies and logs current
  • Overseeing ramp-up of new products
  • Take ownership of samples moving through RR facility
  • Make sure production and quality know all demands of product
  • Making sure job requirements are properly staffed (including supervision)
  • Cost/pound and efficiencies goals are diligently met
  • Maintaining a superior on time shipping record
  • All maintenance of machinery and buildings
  • Responsible for building and grounds to be properly maintained
  • Working closely with maintenance team to ensure proper and best techniques are being followed
  • Ensure all maintenance logs are properly kept current and accurate
  • Communication with customers about quality issues
  • Production issues
  • Improvement suggestions
  • Visits to customer facilities to learn more about our products and their requirements
  • Empower managers and employees to grow with responsibilities

Skills, Education & Expertise:

  • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering or related Field
  • 5+ years’ experience in manufacturing operations, excellent project management skills, proven track record of successfully training employees in productivity and safety.