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Sales Officer

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Kumbakonam, India

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1. Meeting the territory’s sales & collection targets
  • Breaking down zone targets into customer targets at the start of the month

  • Visiting the customers as per the travel plan

  • Booking orders when visiting the customers

  • Checking stocks at customers place to confirm orders to be booked

  • Providing order status information to customers

  • Collecting cheques/DDs for collections

  • Ensuring that customers pay as per pay term, hence, track payments on customer visits

  • Communication of trade promotions

  • Reconciliation of accounts with respect to schemes

  • Selling complete product range

  • Upgrade customers to premium products


2. Creating a demand for the company’s products
  • Carrying the product promotion materials and making it available for customers

  • Organizing for VRP / ARP

  • Organizing for Tailor meets, Interlining workshop


3. Retaining existing customers
  • Regular visitations as per the travel plan

  • Attending to customer queries promptly

  • Ensuring supplies in time

  • Liaising with office to address administration issues like credit/debit notes, shipment details in case of delays, status of orders given

  • Timely information about new products

  • Sharing relevant product information on features, benefits, correct usage


4. Prospecting for new customers in order to expand the customer base.
  • Obtaining new customer information

  • Visiting new customers

  • Visiting uncovered areas in existing territory


5. Market intelligence gathering.
  • Collecting competition information on new product launches, product prices etc .. from trade

  • Assessing competition share at customers

  • Gathering information on customers receiving specific recognition awards from competition for turnover etc.

  • Keeping regular tabs on competition activities

  • Gathering competition materials and tools from the customers and updating the decision makers


6. Implementing the company’s market strategies at the grass root level
  • Implement price increase

7. Handling customer complaints quickly and efficiently
8. Timely submission of relevant reports
  • Daily report

  • CCS Report

9. Training & development of the reportee ASO & CCS.