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Executive - Engineering

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Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Production & Manufacturing

Job Purpose

To plan, equip ,maintain and monitoring of utility function like Power and power related equipment , Air , Water , Boiler ,  safety activity and handle projects in his  work location  . To maintain govt regulatory needs for his work location.

Principal Accountabilities

Engineering Executive 

  • 100 % safety

Conducting TaRa assessment ,Why Why analyses , safety awareness training to Engg workers and ensuring safety at work place as per Coats Global guide line 

  •  All the Electrical equipment and its related switchgears from power house to the dept m/c.

HT and LT switch gears operation and maintenance, Oil changing, Oil filtrations, Oil testing , Energy meter calibration.

Daily verification of load amps , Temperature of transformers, Daily power factor monitoring / action taken ,

LT -Powerhouse feeders load amps and consumption verification any burnt smell, excess heat to be observed in feeders .

Switch gears/interlocks and Holiday maintenance.  

  • TNGETCO - Correspondence.

Monthly bill Energy  Reading /consumption verification / consumption allotment .Checking for own power generation

  • Electrical Inspector office correspondences.

Inspection reports -verification .Completion reports -  Energy audit reports -safety certificates .

Total connected load  updating- maximum demand  reached and  sanction   verification

Earth pit maintenance , measuring resistance value .Addition -alteration- deletion - all equipment double earthing ,

Rule:46,Rule:63 inspection , Complaints report, completion report, Electricity Tax - Generated units -safety certificates .

  • ISO record maintenance.

Breakdown maintenance, Preventive maintenance of All electrical equipment's and maintain ISO records

work order raising , Contract Labour Engagement, execution and  bill passing , Critical spares maintaining responsibilities


  • .Air condition related work and maintenance.

Breakdown maintenance, Preventive maintenance of all electrical and mechanical equipment's


  • Electrical Revenue / LR / Projects if any .

Control on budgeted sanction amount, SPD ,  Accounts follow up

  • Engines ( DG set’s), Boilers and all Air compressors maintenance.

Engines always  in intact condition , keeping fuel stock  and License  for storage ,

Safety equipment's  for Fire  Risk Engine area , arresting leakages . regular maintenance ,History book maintenance

  • Air compressors

Regular maintenance ,keeping spares, arresting air leakages , safety valve testing

 Air requirement Vs Capacity Vs Efficiency  study

  •  Pneumatic maintenance in all the machines and its related air line.

Regular maintenance ,keeping spares, arresting air leakages

  • Humidification plant maintenance.

Humidification plant, Supply air plant , exhaust plants daily, monthly and holiday maintenance. 

  •  Fire safety equipment's maintenance.

Statutory records up keeping, Fire safety Equipment's are in intact, Fire report analysis.

Conducting PEP talks, Safety awareness Training to engg workers and Ensuring safety  work methods

Basic Technical knowledge of: 

Ÿ  BE or DEEE  Engineering,

Ÿ  Power distribution

Ÿ  Water , DG , Boiler ,Compressed air and utility engineering

Ÿ  Fire fighting

Ÿ  Civil maintenance,

Ÿ  Maintenance requirement and Systems of engineering equipment’s.

General Management Skills of:

Ÿ  Basic understanding of work assignments, elements of works etc of the labor force.

Ÿ  Handling of statutory requirements like TNEB, TNPCB, Electrical Inspectorate, Factory inspectorate, TNF&R, Explosive, and Local body .

Ÿ  Interpersonal skills to handle sub ordinates and peers of different functions and to interact with the customers on quality related matters

Ÿ  Application of mind and analytical skills to solve engineering related issues  and other textile machinery problems

Ÿ  Acquaintance and relationship with stalwarts in the industries and awareness of the contemporary industrial status – including new developments in machines and materials, industry standards on machine and labour productivity, market demands, power situation and so on

Ÿ  Assertiveness