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Executive - Spinning

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Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Production & Manufacturing

Job Purpose

To carry out the Shift Planned production activities in Spinning with the available resources

Principle Accountability
  • Responsible for planning and balancing of machinery on daily basis to meet Log requirement and according to Spg Mgrs instruction.
  • Checking all the quality records with QAD. Doing the machinery audit in the allocated machines
  • Ensuring sufficient back stuff is available in each process
  • Arranging for count changes as advised by Spg Mgr to meet  log plan
  • Ensuring idle spindles below the target of 0.15%
  • Implement and maintain Waste management system to reduce the waste level in each dept
  • Ensure proper identification of materials in each stage as per standard and communicate to workers in case of changes
  • Analyse the shifts production and report to Spinning manager for details of Break downs and changes
  • Responsible to maintain records of the machine stoppages in their respective shifts and the efficiency of each worker in his area
  • Communicating and following up of the special conditions for specific products
  • Communicating and following up of the implementation of any condition change or any work method changes
  • Identifying and Communicating the rougue machines , spindles , workers to maintenance and Spg Mgr and report on the follow up after rectification

Job Specification

Qualification: B tech Textile Technology or Diploma in Textile Technology Candidates only

Experience: 0 to 2 years of experience

Knowledge, Skills and Key Behavior required

  • Technical knowledge of Machines in Twisting and Spinning Mill

Ÿ  Basic understanding of work assignments, elements of works etc of the labour force

Ÿ  Interpersonal skills to handle sub ordinates and peers of different functions

Ÿ  Application of mind and analytical skills to solve quality and other problems

Ÿ  Assertiveness

Ÿ  Administrative skill

Ÿ  Knowledge of Lean Six Sigma, 5 S


Upto 4 L per annum