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Sales Executive - Madurai

Địa điểm làm việc:

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Mã số công việc:


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Bộ phận:

Sales & Commercial/Business Development
Job Purpose :

Furthering & strengthening the company’s business interests in the market place.

Form the vital link between the Company management & it’s front line sales force.

Principal Accountabilities :

  • Planning

    • Resource allocation, PJP of subordinates

    • Primary customer targets, town/district/zone targets, secondary targets

    • Demand Generation Activation plan

    • Setting up of objectives and beat plan formulation of other frontline manpower like CCS etc.

    • New town/customer/business/product development

    • Suggestions for relevant secondary schemes and localized market development plans

Supervision and Monitoring

  • Tracking primary/secondary sale achievements against plan

  • Monitoring daily and monthly reports of subordinates including CCS

  • Tracking van sale performance, regular weeding out of suboptimal routes

  • Tracking progress of new town/customer/product plan

  • Tracking progress on DG activation plans


  • Trade promotion communication to team and trade

  • Scheme settlements with customers

  • Customer query handling and closure

  • Closing customer/product complaints

  • Imparting relevant technical information on products to trade/team

  • Link between the branch and front line sales team

On field working

  • Minimum 15 days working in market

  • Imparting on the job training to subordinates – customer handling, product information

  • Market Intelligence – information on key trends, emerging opportunities, competition strategy and pricing


Education Background Preferred  : B Tech and MBA

Experience Required : 5 to 6 years of relevant experience