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Health and Safety Coordinator - Tlaxcala

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Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico CDMX (Mexico City), Mexico

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Health & Safety

A world’s leading industrial thread company. Headquartered in the UK, we have a workforce of 18,000 in some 50 countries, across six continents around the world.

We are looking for your potential as

Health and Safety Coordinator

Responsible for implementation and application of Safety Programs, development of policies and procedures, accident analysis, prevention tasks in jobs, reporting and compliance reports of Mexican and global regulations, as well as the administration of the system of security management called Intelex.

Main Functions

§  Responsible for Industrial Safety and Environment in plants

§  Ensure the implementation and compliance with the legal regulations in force in Industrial and Medium Security

§  Environment governing the country and those required by international agreements, as with the IOT.

§  Also, update and maintain the validity of legal and other requirements that the organization requires, this includes studies, analysis, reports, etc.

§  Administer and effectively manage the Security Management System called Intelex

§  Implement all internal and external security policies.

§  Disseminate the Regulations, Policies on Industrial Safety and Environment of the Company.

§   Annual budget .

§    Investigations of accidents and work incidents,  causes, action plans.

§   Evaluate TARA procedures (Task Risk Assessment).

§  Conform and advise the committee and commission of industrial safety and hygiene regarding the functions and responsibilities in the matter.


§  Industrial or Final Engineering

§  Fluent English

§  Brigade Formation

§  Security guidelines and policies

§  Mexican and international legislation on Health and Safety

§  Mexican legislation in the environment

§  Management of security systems based on digital platforms.

§  6´s

§  ISO 9001:2015

§  International safety standards such as OHSAS 18001

Minimum 3 years of experience in manufacturer companies.

If you are the one for this position, feel free to apply