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DH Supervisor

Địa điểm làm việc:

Shenzhen/Fuyong, Guang Dong Province, China

Mã số công việc:


Ngày đăng tin:


Bộ phận:

Production & Manufacturing

Role Summary:

The role is mainly to take charge of managing shift dyeing process and resources to hit dye house KPIs, including RFT, color quality, productivity and delivery etc.,

Key Accountability:
  • To prepare and arrange shift manpower and material resource for routine production according to APO.
  • Through routine monitoring and performance review to push shift operations fully comply to SOP, define and implement corrective actions for all operational non-conformity.
  • To make decision of colour match pass or fail for special shade marginal lots according to defined rules.
  • To perform real time preliminary analysis to WFT and NCM, implement containment actions which includes reschedule machine, stop machine and demand engineering action etc. for WFT and NCM.
  • Take part in failure analysis and root cause identification, implement corrective actions for RFT and colour quality improvement, monitor the effectiveness of corrective actions and push RFT,CMC target achieved.
  • To organize the activities of reprocess and re-dyeing, implement process control and improvement to reduce waste and improve the rework success rate.
  • To implement WIP control and perform regular inventory counting.
  • To closely monitor production status and close follow up delay orders, ensure delivery in time and delivery target achievement.
  • To increase the productivity and operational efficiency, reduce the MLT and PTP to meet the target of LpMpD and labor hour.
  • To build up a fast learning and grown team and promote good teamwork inside and cross shifts.
  • Through regular personal performance assessment for operators to increase working morale and implement people management.                                                                    
  • To chair daily shift meeting, keep good communication with operators.                          
  • To develop potential people and provide them relevant training of grown needs.
  • To eliminate hazards factors in shop floor, ensure a safe working circumstance.           

1. Essential

  • College or above with major in relevant sciences e.g. textiles, chemistry, etc.
  • At least 3 years above production management working experience in manufacturing, practices in textiles industry will be a plus.
  • Good communication and presentation skills and strong ability to team motivation.
  • Relevant transaction and interrogation skills in SAP.
  • Sound knowledge of health and safety standards and laws.
2. Desirable
  • Bachelor Degree with major in related sciences e.g. textiles.
  • 5 years working experience in DH field .
  • Dyehouse systems practical knowledge in efficient use. E.g CF2000e, Dyset, Sedomaster.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              • Bachelor degree or above, major in automation or relevant.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              • Strong ability or experience in equipment design or upgrading.

                                                                                                  • Good command of oral and written English.