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Laboratory Manager - Horana, Sri Lanka

Opportunity: Laboratory Manager - Horana, Sri Lanka

Location: Horana, Sri Lanka

Role Summary:
  • To support bulk production through the effective management and coordination of all Laboratory operations and processes (i.e. LRM Coordination, colour matching, sample preparation, Ahiba and Simplex operations with a view to ensuring efficient servicing of all LRM request types, ensuring high quality matches and recipes are produced and submitted within agreed service lead times and to Coats technical standards.
  • To manage all technical aspects of laboratory, ensuring that products and processes meet Coats technical specification and desired performance levels.
  • To manage overall Coats Colour Express process ensuring that the our external customers are serviced at our best of capability in terms of offering right colour developments at the right Colour Quality whilst ensuring the Global KPIs are achieved.
Key Accountabilities:
Ensure best practice in operation and continuous improvement of the KPI’s in Laboratory. 
  • Develop and maintain all laboratory SOPs and ensure all laboratory operations fully comply with SOPs.
  • Streamline laboratory operations by constantly monitoring work practices, work flows and processes and take remedial action to streamline operations as necessary.
  • Continually drive productivity and efficiency improvement in all facets of laboratory operations (as measured by all key performance indicators such as Atlas strike rate, , LpMpD, attempts per shade lab to bulk reproducibility, LRM utilisation) through careful review and analysis of these performance indicators.
  • Attend the day today technical aspects of the dye house where necessary and provide expertise encouragements, make aligning work processes.  
Training and development of the Lab team. 
  • Ensure laboratory staff achieve and maintain a high level of technical capability through the provision of on-going training, technical support and performance assessment and feedback.
  • Coordinate and deliver all cross-training within the team to provide greater flexibility in the allocation of resources and to deliver productivity improvements.
  • Train, coach and mentor subordinates with a view to making recommendations for succession plans at plant level
Monitor, analyse and reporting
  • Monitor, analyse and report on lab to bulk reproducibility and work with bulk dyehouse team to ensure that the highest levels of lab to bulk reproducibility are maintained
  • Monitor and report daily and monthly on matching performance relating to Colour Atlas

Ensure adherence to Coats global Health and Safety policies. 
  • Achieve and sustain a high level of safety awareness and compliance among all laboratory staff by constantly monitoring compliance with Lab Health and Safety SOP and machinery operation SOPs, and taking steps to eliminate all risk factors and potential hazards.

Provide technical support and information. 
  • Manage sales team expectations through timely and effective liaison and feedback relating to queries on DTM and Sample Order requests.
  • Communicate effectively on colour development issues with other Coats units, as necessary. 
  • In conjunction with Quality Department, receive and investigate all customer shade complaints and recommend/take corrective action as appropriate.

Optimal resourcing and maximum utilisation. 
  • Ensure optimal allocation of trained resources within the laboratory to achieve service lead times and KPI targets.
  • Ensure optimal resourcing and utilisation of all LRM functionality in order to effectively manage the laboratory workload and to ensure that all samples are produced within shade tolerance and within service lead times.
Manage the overall Coats Colour Express Process and continuously improve its KPIs.
  • Ensure to manage all Coats Colour Express functionalities, processes and the devices such as capsure, handheld & including Web Based Application Process.
  • Make sure the digital platform is 100% functioning with respect to WBA/LRM/SAP and find corrective and preventive measures.  
  • Collaborate with Global CCE team in view of making sure the smooth CCE operation.
  • Collaborate with Local marketing team and continue to drive for CCE best practices implementation. 
  • Make sure the required training is provided to marketing team and also to external customers. 
  • Make sure the CCE warehouse administrational and operational process including stock management.  

Acting Dye House Manager in absence of Dye House Manager. 

Education, Qualifications and Experience
Knowledge and understanding of:
  • Colour Physics – Level 4
  • Overall DTM process including need to drive high Atlas strike rate
  • Different types of Coats threads
  • Lab dyeing machine capacity
  • Coats global dyeing programs
  • All Lab , DH SOPs  & Coats Colour Express SOPs 
  • Dyeing variables and their impact on laboratory and dyehouse performance
  • Lab Health and Safety SOP and PPE requirements for different chemicals and lab equipment
  • 5S Housekeeping principles

  • College level education (Textile / Chemical) 
  • Minimum of 4 years working in Coats or similar business laboratory environment.
  • Good Knowledge of Colour Physics.
  • Proficient in use of ColourStitch Feedback.
  • Proficient in use of Colourstitch LRM.
  • Proficient use of WBA and CCE 
  • Team management experience

Skills & Abilities
  • Team leadership capability
  • Time management skills
  • Train-the trainer capability
  • Excellent communication skills, proficient in English
  • High level of attention to detail
  • Good colour vision (Score <16) as measured by Mansell 100 hue colour vision test
  • Results oriented
  • Highly developed analytical skills
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office tools