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Executive - Manufacturing / Finishing

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Tamil Nadu, India

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Production & Manufacturing
Role Purpose

To Achieve excellence in output, quality, Service at finishing.

Ensure to provide safe working environment by educating the workman to follow all safety norms.

To cascade compliance requirements and doing the right things at all levels and always under your shift leadership.

Principal Accountabilities and Key Activities

Control Health & Safety issues and comply with local/global requirements :

·         Ensure to eliminate hazards at work place and provide safe working environment.

·         Ensure Shift Safety briefing is given during all shift beginnings.

·         Ensure necessary PPE’s are worn by all employees before starting production.

·         Ensure H&S checklist is filled and safety devices operating condition is good before starting production in all machines.

·         Ensure all workmen are following the SOP of their activity.

·         Ensure to conduct BBS one to one conversation in the allocated zone .

·         Co-ordination of all 5S activities& audits.

·         Ensure to create H&S awareness in the mind of every worker all the days.

·         Group Discussion with all workers at a frequency of weekly twice for H&S

Manage and control agreed service level of Finishing department :

·         Ensure all workmen assemble 10 min before shift beginning and allocation is given to all employees based on their skill / trained area and based on priority orders.

·         Ensure availability of all materials in the  work centres to maintain the activity.

·         Ensure lots are issued & completed based on FIFO.

·         With the help of worker teacher ensure PAT training to all new recruits and monitoring the productivity for continual improvement at Tube winding.

·         Daily monitoring of EI of all employees and counsel them to improve further.

·         Ensure multi-training is given to employees at regular intervals in consultation with Manufacturing Advisor.

·         Get results of Finishing process control and analyse the data and take action in consultation with Manufacturing Advisor to improve the process.

·         Ensure actions are completed for all action slips received from FPC.

·         Ensure samples are given to FPC for all, Critical customers, Exports and new articles.

·         Ensure all spindles are running only in recommended std. speeds to ensure Quality as well as Safety.

·         Absenteeism counselling to be done daily and chronic cases are to be referred to IRD for further actions. Maintaining a separate record for low EI  and Absenteeism counselling .

·         Investigate quality problems pertaining to Finishing activity based on customer complaint statistics and take appropriate corrective and preventive action in consultation with Manufacturing Advisor.

·         To provide sufficient training for all operatives on relevant SOP’s and improve the work culture for better productivity and quality on regular basis.

·         Ensure Shift reports are duly prepared and submitted to the concern in time.

·         Ensure to reduce 9999 packing .

·         Ensure all finishing orders are completed and despatched within stipulated time of 48 hours with the guidance of Agelist. And ensure MLT is above 95%.

·         Daily monitoring the MTD% and achieve fully the Logistics plan.

Control Financial performance of Finishing department :

·         To co-ordinate with BB guide to achieve the goal for the GB and Kaizen projects of the department.

·         Closely monitoring the odd item generation and initiate appropriate action in consultation with Finishing Manager to reduce waste generation on regular basis.

Manage and develop Finishing Team:

·         Promote good communication among all sections of finishing department.

Encourage employees in the function to embrace change, understand and follow new processes and procedures, in-order to achieve the objectives of the organisation.

Education, Qualifications and Experience

Any degree with minimum 3 years Textile experience.

Or a B.Tech textiles holder.