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Mill Manager - GTSI Mill

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Tamil Nadu, India

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Production & Manufacturing

Role Purpose

·         To ensure safe operation of the mill and compliance in all aspects.

·         To plan, equip and maintain capacity to deliver maximum possible volume of grey thread from the mill with the requisite quality and at the lowest possible cost.

Principal Accountability

Ÿ  Implement H & S policies of the company and ensure health and safety and compliance

Ÿ  Plan production in accordance with the demand / Plan

Ÿ  Maximize production

Ÿ  Keep an update of the capacity vis a vis demand / Plan and do necessary changes, both short and long term

Ÿ  As long-term strategy, plan, suggest and implement approved projects and enhance production and/or quality of the products to meet GO specs.

Ÿ  Institute systems to monitor and ensure requisite quality of the products

Ÿ  Institute systems and sustain machinery park to maximize machine productivity

Ÿ  Plan Capex and programmed replacements to upkeep machinery, capacity and quality. This must fall in line with the long-term strategy.

Ÿ  Minimize process and product waste

Ÿ  Undertake constant energy conservation measures

Ÿ  Plan & Equip the right manpower

Ÿ  Improve labor productivity / Engagement

Ÿ  Implement H & S policies of the company and ensure health and safety

Ÿ  Operate with minimum in process stock level

Knowledge, Skills and Key Behaviors Required

Basic Technical knowledge of: 

Ÿ  Different raw materials,

Ÿ  Machines,

Ÿ  Process,

Ÿ  Quality & maintenance requirement and

Ÿ  Systems of production of all substrates.

Ÿ  Exposure to basic quality systems, (ISO, 5 S, 6 SIGMA etc.,)

Ÿ  Internal auditing for QMS  - ISO

General Management Skills of:

Ÿ  Basic understanding of work assignments, elements of works etc of the labor force

Ÿ  Negotiation skills for handling unions

Ÿ  Interpersonal skills to handle sub ordinates and peers of different functions and to interact with the customers on quality related matters

Ÿ  Application of mind and analytical skills to solve quality and other problems

Ÿ  Acquaintance and relationship with stalwarts in the industries and awareness of the contemporary industrial status – including new developments in machines and materials, industry standards on machine and labour productivity, market demands, power situation and so on

Ÿ  Assertiveness and decision making capacity