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Conductive Business Development Manager - US

Summary of the role

To create new market entry into Conductive products and grow sales from $2m to $14m by 2022.

Key accountabilities

  • Identification of macro market trends which will impact offtake of Coats products / potential offers
  • Identification of key unmet needs where Coats technology can be used to create a solution
  • Develop relationships with companies that are at the intersection of textiles and electronics including designers, R&D, engineers, program managers
  • Identify key prospects that have scale (>$0.5m)
  • Create a list of acquisition candidates, evaluate potential and support acquisition and integration
  • Look for partnerships in electronics hardware componentry and integrated software solutions targeting development of new solutions across the supply chain
  • Based on solutions selling concepts, lead development of marketing and communications plan to develop a broad customer base
  • Be able to negotiate multi-million-dollar projects ensuring programs are secured while maximising the margin for Coats 
  • Together with the Business Development Director / Supply Chain Directors ensure capability and capacity will be in place to support any secured programs

Key result areas

  • Sales of Reinforcement products of $12m in 2022
  • Develop a portfolio of products targeting the growing Conductive yarns space
  • Develop relationships and together, with “partners”, establish key solutions across the development supply chain and throughout the design process
  • Increase brand awareness of Coats across Conductive space
  • Develop and deliver winning propositions to secure programs of scale for Coats 
  • Negotiate and close the programs maximising returns for Coats


Package: Competitive salary & benefits

Location: New York of Silicon Valley

Reporting to: Business Development Director – Global