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Industrial Engineer - Albany

Opportunity: Industrial Engineer

Location: Albany, Georgia

Summary of role / Key accountabilities:
  • Generate improvement ideas that support the manufacturing strategy.
  • Sources of ideas: on-the-floor observations, discussions with employees, analyzing reports, professional organization meeting, seminars, books, and trade magazines.
  • Perform feasibility studies and initial justification estimates (cost & benefits).
  • Assist line management in evaluating new equipment.
  • Assist in preparation of AFE/project request.
  • Obtain needed expertise on project team. Prepare implementation plan and schedule.
  • Direct on-the-floor implementation of changes for the line manager.
  • Handle paperwork/administrative work dealing with the project change.
  • Assure employees are properly trained to perform the changes.
  • Assure line management is satisfied with the project before "handing it off" to them.
  • Type Projects Managed: Work Measurement/Methods Improvement, implement incentive systems, plant layout/materials, handling/packing, process analysis/improvement, reduce cycle time, improve safety/ergonomic problems.
  • Reduce inventory levels.
  • Reduce scrap/waste.
  • Implement computer systems.
  • Install new equipment.
  • Prepare budgets.
Skills & expertise / Background & qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree required in Engineering or Industrial Engineering or related field.
  • Prior industrial engineering experience required.
  • Manufacturing experience preferred.
  • Lean/ Six Sigma Certification