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Occupational Health Nurse, Occupational Hearing Conservationist

Opportunity: Occupational Health Nurse, Occupational Hearing Conservationist


Location: Albany, Georgia


Summary of role:

Occupational Health Nursing creates a positive economic impact through workers’ health and well-being leading to optimal performance and safety in the workplace.

Using specialized experience and education the Nurse will recognize and prevent health effects from hazardous exposures.  The Occupational Health Nurse will be available to all Associates for First Aid treatment and referral as needed for work related injuries illnesses.


Key Accountabilities:

  • The Coats nurse will ensure healthcare needs are provided in the First Aid Clinic as well as  
  • Through aiding access to the services, expertise and outside facilities as needed.
  • The Nurse at all times maintain professional standards of personal conduct
  • which reflect well on the profession and enhance Associates confidence.
  • The Nurse will aid in development of and monitor environmental safety in the workplace by administering assigned safety programs in accordance to Coats Guidelines and OSHA standards.
  • The Nurse will use recording and information management systems that ensure confidentiality of medical information.
  • The nurse will ensure personal responsibility and accountability for nursing practice, and for maintaining competence by continually learning and retaining Nurses license.
  • The Nurse will monitor and ensure an updated Injury Analysis in Safety is maintained to aid Management in the continued improvement of the safety of Coats & Clark Associates.
  • The Nurse will maintain Occupational Health Clinic and supplies for treatment and preventative measures in the workplace.
  • The Nurse will be instrumental in placement, orientation and training of Coats & Clark Associates as needed in accordance with Coats & Clark guidelines.



Education, Qualifications and Experience:


  • Licensed Nurse or Associates Degree in Nursing with at least 5 years of Administrative work experience in Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist
  • CPR , First Aid Certification
  • Microsoft systems skills
  • Public speaking



  • Registered Nurse with 5 years Administrative experience in Occupational Health Nursing in manufacturing setting.
  • Working knowledge in Ergonomics, Hearing Conservation, Respiratory Protection, and Retention of Confidential Medical Records.
  • Knowledge of OSHA Regulations concerning Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Certified CPR Instructor